Journey Through DC Land Poetry Book

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Journey through DC Land

Welcome to my journey through DC Land whether you are a first time visitor or long time resident through these poems you will discover the people and places living in our nation’s capitol on these pages.

Here is a sample of the first 3 poems in this book

followed by the Table of Contents

Preface / Welcome to DC Land

Do not judge what I write, sit back,

and come along for a poetic ride.

This is a trip through our National Capitol.

Where better to voice what I see around me?


Where better to make a social commentary

Then here in DC Land?

For this is the reality of not just here

For this could be most anywhere.


The people, the places, they are all real.

None made up, nor unreal.

I have met them in the streets,

On the sidewalks, buses, and Metro.


Not Presidents nor politicians,

Just plain people, all around me.

Some better than others, many worse off,

But all sojourning through DC Land.


Please read these words with meaning.

I hope you get a deep down inside feeling

When you read about this place,

and all these people around me.


Welcome to Washington,

The District of Columbia.


Here They Come! Here They Come!

Here They Come! Here They Come!

They all want to come right here.

You can’t stop them from coming

Because they would get here,

Some how, from everywhere.


Here They Come! Here They Come!

They come by car, they come by bus,

They come by train and they come by plane.

Anyway they can get here, they will come,

Just to see the sites, right here.


Here They Come! Here They Come!

They all want to visit right here.

You can’t stop them from making


To the Capitol of Democracy.


They Want To See! They Want To See!

Everything in this capital city:

The White House and Capitol,

The top of the Washington Monument,

The cherry trees on the Potomac.


So Treat Them Right! So Treat Them Right!

They’re coming to see you and me.

We’re all tourist attractions for them to see,

And something to write home about.

To friends, neighbors and everyone they know.


There They Go! There They Go!

47 sardines in a bus, cars filled with kids,

Chartered planes taking off from National.

All going home, all going home,

With memories of  Washington DC


We Gave Them! We Gave Them!

An experience of a lifetime!

They’ll tell their friends,

All about “US!”

Now they too want to visit “US!”


Here They Come! Here They Come!

Ready or not! Here! They! Come!


The Real Washington Experience

Rush them in!  Rush them out!

Gotta go! National Cathedral!

That’s! what it’s all about!


March them in! Line them up!

Gotta go! Top of Washington Monument!

Quickly! Quickly! March them out!


Next stop! Most important documents

in our country’s history!

It’s what they came here to briefly see!


Up! Up! Up the steps!

Quickly! Quickly! March them up!

Line them up! All 47 from the bus!


Gotta go! Declaration! Constitution!

Barely legible! Barely Visible!

Behind Unclear Green Glass!


Don’t touch the glass or brass!

I said! Don’t touch the brass!



What’s that document? Over there?

No time to explain! Behind schedule!

Just the Magna Carta! That’s all!


Quickly! Quickly! March them out!

Gotta go! Next Stop! Air and Space Museum!

Space Capsules! Planes! Enola Gay!


Get in buses! Get out buses!

Fifteen! Minutes! Behind Schedule! Don’t! Stop!

Forget it! Just drive by Ford’s Theater!


Rushing by! Look! The Hard Rock Cafe!

They’re happy! Snap! Flash! Snap! Flash!

Cameras sing their song!


Gotta go! That’s what it’s all about!

Rush them by!  Rush them out of town!

Now! They’re! Gone! Thank! God!


Table of Contents

I. Welcome to DC Land

Preface / Welcome to DC Land

Here They Come!

The Real Washington Experience

The Long Walk Home

On Taking My Daughter to the National Zoo

We the People of the Mall

On Blue Tickets and Inaugurations

The Guardian of Us All

Cherry Blossoms and Inscriptions

II. Getting Around is Half the Fun

Getting Around is Half the Fun

Grand Central Station

I Dare You!  Ride the Worm World Snake

The Blind Man on the Metro

Sleeping on the Metro

The Never Ending Flood

Dalmatian Spots

Just Like Sardines in a Tin

Not in Service

Shady Grove Geese

No Longer National Airport Interim Terminal

III. Living in the City

Living in the City

Little Old Lobby Ladies

The Unreliable Reliable Elevator

The Washer Woman from Hell

The Editor

Mickey’s Burden

Bus Buddies

On Being Far Away From Home

On Glass Skylights and Revolving doors

On Waiting in Line Forever

IV. Above and Beyond the Dome

Above and Beyond the Dome

Lightening Unleashed on Capitol Hill

The All Electric Force Field of Life

Rolling Thunder All Roaring By

High on a Hillside Named Arlington

The Midnight Train Ride Home

Waiting for Nightfall

Orthoceras the Souvenir of a Lifetime

The Rainbow Quilt on the Green Grass Mall

Tripods in the Shadows

Sunset on the Dome

V. Living on the Streets

Living on the Streets

The Street Musician

The Gargoyle on the Mall

The Ice Cream Peddlers

The Jogger, The Wallet, The Smiling Man

The Border Dispute

Mad Woman in the Street

Gotta Dolla?

He’s Just Not There

The Invisible Secret Society


A Moment of Silence

Journey Through DC Land Poetry Book

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